Frequently Asked Questions

Referencing the My Sophi™ HUB:

How do I turn on the My Sophi™ HUB?
  • Turn the HUB over and move the switch to the on position. It will let you know the HUB is turned and will asked you to dial the care center.
How do I dial/call the Care Center?
  • Turn the HUB over and move the switch to the on position. It will let you know the HUB is turned and will asked you to dial the care center.
How do I know I have a message?
  • The button on the right with the envelope will be lit up blue.
How do I listen to the message?
  • Press the button on the right with the envelope on it.

Referencing the My Sophi™ Blood Pressure Monitor:

How do I turn the Blood Pressure Monitor on?
  • You can turn the device two ways.
    • The recommended way is to press the button the left that say “MEMO”, then you can put the blood press cuff on and press the large blue button on the right.
    • The other option is to press the large blue button on the right, however, as soon as you press this button the cuff will start to inflate to take your blood pressure.
What if the device won’t turn on?
  • Check to make sure the batteries are lined up correctly or put new batteries in device.
What if the Blood Pressure Cuff won’t inflate?
  • Make sure the cuff is plugged all the way into the device.
What if I receive an ERR 1?
  • This error displays if the cuff will not inflate when plugged in properly or deflates too quickly
  • Contact customer service at 1-866-697-6744
What if I receive an ERR 2?
  • This error occurs when there is movement during measurement.
  • Retake measurement without moving.
What if I receive an ERR 3?
  • This error occurs when the measurements are incorrect.
  • Retake measurement
When should I set the date and time?
  • Set the correct date and time before taking first measurement.
  • Date and time will have to be reset after replacing batteries
How do I set the date and time?
  • Press and hold the white button with the “clock” on it for a few seconds until the year display flashes
  • The up (MEMO) or down button to select the current year.
  • Press the “clock” button to confirm year setting
  • Follow the same steps to set the Month, Day, Hour and Minutes
  • We recommend pressing the clock button at the end when you see “OFF”
How do I take my blood pressure measurement?
  • Sitting Correctly
    • Sit upright in a chair with both feet on the floor.
    • Remove tight fitting and bulky clothing from your upper arm. Do not roll up sleeves if too tight.
    • Place your arm on a table so that the cuff will be at the same level as your heart.
  • Apply the Arm Cuff
    • Place your elbow on a table and palm facing upward, slide your hand through the cuff and pull it up around your arm. Tighten if needed.          
    • Pull on end of cuff to tighten and secure into place, however do not tighten too much. Allow 1-2 CM or ½ inch between the bottom of the cuff and your elbow joint.
    • Make sure cuff is at the same level as your heart
  • Taking Measurement
    • Press the large blue button. The cuff will automatically inflate and measurement will start
    • When the measurement is complete, the cuff will automatically deflate, and your systolic and diastolic pressure values and your pulse rate will display on the device and the My Sophi will announce the results as well.
    • Remove the arm cuff and take note of your measurement results
Where does the heartbeat rating display on the device?
  • Your pulse reading is located in the lower right-hand corner
    • If you see LO and your pulse rate, the device is letting you know your pulse is low
    • If you see HI and your pulse rate, the device is letting you know your pulse is high
    • If you see IR and your pulse rate, the device has detected an irregular heart beat

Referencing the My Sophi™ Pulse Oximeter

How do I turn the pulse oximeter on?
  • Make sure batteries are installed properly
  • Press the blue button on the front, the My Sophi will say it is connected to the Pulse Oximeter
  • The Pulse Oximeter will start checking your oxygen level and heartbeat immediately
What if the Pulse Oximeter turns on but the device is displaying a different screen?
  • Press the blue button until the asterisk is next to the yellow exit and then press and hold for one second. This should reset the device. 
  • If this doesn’t work, then remove the batteries and replace. Then turn on the device.
What should I do if my pulse measurement is way too high? Like 242 beats a minute??
  • Let the device turn off by itself, restart and retake measurement or take the batteries out, then place them back in, and retake measurement.
How do I turn the Pulse Oximeter off?
  • The Pulse Oximeter turns off automatically if not being used.

Referencing the My Sophi™ Scale

How do you turn the scale on?
  • Check to make sure batteries are in place and then press the button on the bottom of the scale.
How do I change the measurement from KG to LB?
  • Press the on/off button until you see LB light up
Will the scale work if placed on carpet?
  • The scale needs to be placed on a hard surface for an accurate reading.
  • If you have a piece of plastic to put under the scale, then it will work on carpet.

Referencing the My Sophi™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System

How do I prepare the Glucose Meter for use?
  • Insert the batteries provided with the device
  • Push the small orange button in the battery compartment to set the date, time, sound, volume, etc. To change any setting, use the black button on the front of the meter. When done, close the battery compartment.
  • Prepare all materials for glucose reading.
    • Make sure your glucose meter has fresh batteries and is in working condition
    • Verify that you are using the correct FOR A Premium V10//v30 Blood Glucose Test Strips
    • Have your lancet ready
    • Verify that your My Sophi Hub is powered on
How do I use the Glucose Monitoring system?
  • Place an unused glucose strip into the glucose reader
    • You will NOT need to power the glucose reader on; it will automatically power on when strip in inserted
    • The glucose reader will play a tone with instructions for you to take a glucose reading
  • Prepare your blood sample using your lance and apply the blood sample to the strip
    • Take your time as the reader will remain powered on waiting for the sample unless it takes longer than 2 minutes, then it will power off automatically.
    • When the sample has been read successfully, the meter will announce the reading
    • You must eject the strip from the glucose reader in order for the reading to connect to My Sophi.
    • A verbal confirmation of “the meter is searching; the meter is searching” will be played.
    • My Sophi will then verbally announce our glucose reading and post the information to your account.

»What people are saying
about My Sophi™«

I started using (My Sophi) NavCare health monitoring equipment at the advise of my cardiologist. The primary driver for its use was to get my blood pressure under control. The monitoring established patterns for when I was high that allowed my cardiologist to adjust my meds and get me in excellent control. A byproduct of using the equipment was that it brought my weight into my focus and I've lost ten pounds.

I found the equipment easy to use and not disruptive to my daily routine. I tried to keep a schedule but that's not always possible. A key component to my success was my interface with the (My Sophi) NavCare care team professional who kept a constant eye on my readings and kept my cardiologist informed.

John, My Sophi™ Client

NavCare's remote patient monitoring care management system, “My Sophi,” is named to include an acronym for Services Optimizing and Promoting Health Independence. That is really what it’s all about. 

Enjoy Health Independence with My Sophi.