My Sophi™ Instructions & Demos

EASY AS 1 2 3

Step 1:

Plug in the 2-way Communications

Remove the Hub from the box.

Plug the cord from the Hub into a wall socket. Make sure the socket is not controlled by a light switch.

Step 2:

Turn on the 2-way Communication Hub

Flip over the Hub and find the black button on the bottom. Slide the black button over. You’ll know it is on when you see a green light glowing on the front left corner.

Step 3:

Listen and Follow the Voice Instructions

Once the system is turned on, it will automatically do a quick system check. My Sophi™ will announce three messages:

  1. Power restored.
  2. Your device is now ready.
  3. Please press the concierge button to make sure your system is working.

Press the concierge button to speak to the My Sophi™ Care Team member who will walk you through the remaining set-up process.

Note: Now that your Hub is connected, all your My Sophi™ devices will automatically sync-up to the Hub once they are turned on.

»What people are saying
about My Sophi™«

I started using (My Sophi) NavCare health monitoring equipment at the advise of my cardiologist. The primary driver for its use was to get my blood pressure under control. The monitoring established patterns for when I was high that allowed my cardiologist to adjust my meds and get me in excellent control. A byproduct of using the equipment was that it brought my weight into my focus and I've lost ten pounds.

I found the equipment easy to use and not disruptive to my daily routine. I tried to keep a schedule but that's not always possible. A key component to my success was my interface with the (My Sophi) NavCare care team professional who kept a constant eye on my readings and kept my cardiologist informed.

John, My Sophi™ Client

NavCare's remote patient monitoring care management system, “My Sophi,” is named to include an acronym for Services Optimizing and Promoting Health Independence. That is really what it’s all about. 

Enjoy Health Independence with My Sophi.